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Sweet Spot
monitors, condensor microphones, mixing console, acrylic yarn, knitting needles
Experimental Sound Studio; Chicago IL
Sweet Spot is a site-specific, duration performance focused on the digital, analog, and physical recording of time. In the performance, I knit a cyclical band of yarn, building on one end and unraveling the other. Microphones are connected to the needles to reveal the subtle clicks and scraping sounds caused by knitting. The sounds are then amplified by the monitors and fed back into the microphones creating a feedback loop.
The “Sweet Spot” is a position in which recording engineers organize their listening station when playing back a mix. The monitors and the area where the engineer is sitting should create a equilateral triangle. This performance draws attention to the similar technical terminology associated with either craft, particularly, looping and over-dubbing. The duration of the performance is unspecified. The perpetual build up and breakdown of yarn simulates the feedback loop caused by the amplification.