SoniCraft > Tethered #1

Mixed Media
Siragusa Gallery, Chicago IL
This Installation consists of framing wire, canvas, thread, multiple speakers, audio cords and contact microphones. This work is about changing the atmosphere of an enclosed room. There is also a real-time performance occurring in the space. The performance consists of an individual "completing" the piece during the galleries viewing hours. Contact Microphones are attached to the piece of canvas the performer is working on and are transferred to each of the pieces as they become stitched together. The sound of the process is then amplified and played into the space via two speakers attached to the walls that are perpendicular to the entrance of the space. One small sub woofer is placed on the wall opposite the entrance. The performance takes place whenever the gallery is open to the public, adjourns when the gallery closes and is finished when all of the pieces of canvas are stitched together.

Tethered #1 Documentation