Past Installations > Tethered #2 Nissl Stain

My work with Tethered #2 stemmed out of a need to connect my actions to the viewer and questioning the functional qualities of art. I resolved these issues by focusing on my recent experiences with learning how to knit and crochet.
In Tethered #2, I take on the act of sharing a skill set with others and transferring knowledge. In the installation space I teach others to knit and crochet, then the individual takes what they’ve made and connects it to string that encompasses the room.
I have been thinking about the various interpretations of the idea of connectivity; specifically in regards to neuroscience and sociology. In this piece I am drawing comparisons between the connections that takes place when two individuals share information, when materials are affixed in temporary ways, when artists collaborate, and when new neural pathways are formed.
Even more specifically in this piece I am referencing Franz Nissl’s process of identifying glial cells and neurons via aniline staining. The results leaving brain tissue a range of violets.

Tethered #2 Documentation