Portfolio > Post Apocalyptic Sacra

Lying somewhere between speculative fiction, archaic histories, and relic-like sculpture, my work explores notions of mysticism and discovery. I use the woven order of various Fiber Art processes to corral the chaotic overabundance of media devices and regard this techno-detritus as a new raw material. Emerging from this material is a contemporary eschatological mythology.

My work addresses media excess, technological conquest and subsequent archival abandonment through the memorialization and sanctifying of rituals and mythological branding. As a culture of overabundance due to constant progression, it is important to look to the media scrap pile as an anthropological source. Traces of histories are quickly being left behind on old hard drives, lost broadcast waves and miles of magnetic tape. Each material contains the potential of personal stories, scientific research, news broadcasts and countless other narratives. This detritus symbolizes the mystery and revelation possible in objects.

Hands possess the ability to express emotional, conceptual, and spiritual information. This expression remains within material and is continually transmitted as people continue to view the objects. Nowhere is this more present than in Fiber art techniques.

My work is an urgent plea for re-imagining our collective future and embracing aspects of our technological progression rather than forgetting its past. Additionally, my installations achieve a sense of renewed importance in materials not just as historical anchors but also as potential for continued growth and as an incredible post-modern art supply.

Selection of Installations, Performances, Fibers arts, Painting, Sculpture, and New Media works.