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Patching No. 1
Patchbays, patch cables, speaker wire, speakers, power amps, lumber, metal racks, electric tape


Patch No. 1 is part of the SoniCraft Series.
SoniCraft Manifesto
SoniCraft is the combination and comparison of similar tactile, structural, spacial and rhythmic qualities sound and fibers can haptically manifest. In other words, the physical perceptual qualities produced by sound-waves, and material textures. Developed and organized by R. Mertens, this series combines performance, fibers techniques and sound installations. These works utilities public participation as a shared activation of space and memory.

SoniCraft identifies similar actions within fibers and sound such as: spinning, splicing, weaving, patching, sampling, looping, clipping and gating, I intend to give the viewer the opportunity to discover these tactual attributes through a sense of “performance”. This performance can be thought of as: exploring the space around my installations, contributing to the installation via taught craft, or intervening into the set pattern to reconstruct the installation.

SoniCraft allows the audience to explore the shifting tactile traits of the sonic or fibrous materials and gives the audience an opportunity to choreograph their own “performance” experience. Through this “performed” contribution they help to change or modify the installation, which alters other interpretations of the viewing experience.  Similarly, allowing the audience to interact and re-pattern/organize the installation; this offers a perpetual re-experiencing of the installations.