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Found radios, scavenged various electrical cable, electrical wire connectors, speakers
4 yards x 1 yard, Duration Variable.
Splicing is the second sample in this series.
In Fibers one use of splicing is done on the loom.
Process to splice warp yarns for weaving operations, which is suitable to connect together in succession a plurality of yarns wound on two different beams, the plurality of yarns on one beam being wound on the other beam after being spliced, the plurality of yarns to be spliced being pre-arranged in an ordered manner in the zone of the splice, each yarn of one beam being selected together with the respective yarn of the other beam from the warps to which they belong so as to be pre-arranged for the splice, the yarns being connected by means of a splice.
In sound or electronics:
Splicing wires means to connect 2 wires together to make one new wire. An example of this would be making longer speaker wires. If you have one wire connected to your audio device and one connected to your speaker, let's say you want to connect the two ends to make one long wire. Ok first, speaker wires consist of 2 smaller wires ( a red and a black). In order to splice two speaker wires, you must first separate the red and black on both ends. Next, strip off about an inch of insulator on both sides. Next match up the red of one end to the red of the other and do the same for black. You must decide how to connect the reds and the blacks. My personal preference is to solder them together and wrap them in electrical tape. You can also use a butt connector or just electrical tape by itself.

These two mediums tend to have a cultural gender divide, though they are very similar in both concept and technical skill. Through this series I am developing an acceptance of shared meaning and establishing a language for further studies in “Smart Craft” as a method of creation for fine art rather than strictly applied arts.
Q: What is it? Splicing is the collection of found electric cables spliced together to create an antenna for the several radios attached to it. Hanging from the weaving are speakers which are connected to different radios. As someone walks around the piece they create their own composition of sounds. As people explore the piece, they are weaving the score. All of the components to the piece are exposed to the audience.